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the moon is in taurus and estoy agradecido

Today it's like this:
I have been sick; I am almost better
It is windy; It is not as windy as yesterday
My heart was closed for a few years; My heart has bloomed open again
I thought that I would kill the basil plant; The basil plant is still alive
Casa Libre can't pay me my salary this month; We will pay all of the artists who perform here in this fiscal year
I don't speak Spanish well; I am learning.
I'm turning 38 and a woman said "you don't look it"; This is what 38 looks like. 
I'm going dancing this weekend; I love to dance
My 20s were a hard decade; I love my 30s

There are two astrologers that I read every month. Chani Nicholas and Galactic Rabbit

This is what Chani had to offer to you if you're a Taurus like me: "Put beauty in your eyes. Stand in front of true mirrors. Ones that reflect the beauty of your soul and the complications of your personality. Renew your commitment to life. Renew your commitment to yourself. Renew the contracts that hold you in loving accountability and burn the ones that don’t. Decide what lines you wish to grow along this year and then put your energy toward those paths." 

When Galactic Rabbit's love notes come out later this month, you should read them. They could change your life.

I renew my commitment to life; I renew my commitment to myself

I dressed up as Gerald the Elephant last week for a library event. So many children hugged me saying, "You're my favorite!" One little girl in particular whispered it fiercely into my blue plush belly. I am not really Gerald the Elephant. Gerald is careful; I'm not that careful. But when she hugged me tight, I forgave myself for the times I did not allow my self to close my eyes and fall backward. I am her favorite.

I am filled with gratitude this month. I am filled with healing this month. 

In terms of Casa Libre events, I am specifically grateful for:

Janice Lee has agreed to join Annie Guthrie for the last Fair Weather Reading Series of the season. (Don't worry we will be back in September with more fabulousness.)

I am grateful that Muriel Leung and Grace Shuyi Liew are bringing their Salt + Bone tour to Casa Libre. (if it's hot, you can jump in the pool)

I am grateful that Hannah Levine was able to book the Lemon Drop Gang and Foxx Bodies for our Summer music fundraiser at Hotel Congress. More info on this coming soon.

I am grateful that with your help, we were able to get Aleksandra out of the Eloy Detention Center in time to read at our April Fair Weather Reading Series. 

There are lots of personal things I'm grateful for, too: the opening of a heart in my direction, the Beyonce concert I'm going to this month, my mother who birthed me on Mother's Day, a body that heals, and as ever my friends who keep me afloat. More on this in an upcoming newsletter. For now:

Sending love and gratitude out in all your directions, 

Kristen Nelson
Executive Director
Casa Libre en la Solana

P.S. If you were once a resident of Casa Libre or have always wanted to be, we have set up one of our casitas on AirBnB. You can check out the details here. Email me privately for our artist rates.

With Love, 

Kristen E. Nelson
Executive Director
Casa Libre en la Solana

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Please watch this 5 minute video celebrating the first 10 years of Casa Libre's programming and community:

Casa Libre- 10 years and counting on Vimeo.


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6/10 Fundraiser at Hotel Congress Save the Date! Hannah Levin, Host of The Home Stretch on KXCI and Ambassador of Rock, is organizing a musical feast to benefit Casa Libre.
more info soon...

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The spring workshop series has ended. We'll have fall workshops listed here soon.


4/23 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Alexandra, Lisa Birman & Elizabeth Frankie Rollins
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5/21 May Fair Weather Reading Series w/Annie Guthrie & Janice Lee
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6/3 SALT+BONE Reading w/ Muriel Leung and Grace Shuyi Liew
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