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Our schedule through the spring is booked!

Hello Friends and Family,

Please join us for our brand new Fair Weather Reading Series, which will be held in the outdoor courtyards of Casa Libre. This series celebrates LGBTQ writers, female writers, writers of color, emerging writers, and other underrepresented groups. Everyone is welcome to attend! We will hold readings once a month Saturday nights and host occasional workshops taught by our readers at FLUXX up the block.

We want to be transparent about who we are featuring here at Casa Libre. Although we recognize that statistics are not always the best way to do this, it is one way to take a snapshot of what we are doing here. Here are some of those figures. If you have any questions about how these statistics were compiled, please contact me at casakeepers at casalibre.org. These are based on how writers self-identify. We identify emerging writers as having one published full-length book or less. The Fair Weather Reading Series for our 2015-2016 year is:

74% Female Identified /16% Gender Non-Conforming/
10% Male Identified

74% Queer (LGBTQ)/ 26% Straight

47% People of Color/ 53% White

50% Emerging Writers/ 50% Established Writers

We are keeping track of these statistics, so we can continue to diversify the Fair Weather Reading Series and celebrate the work of underrepresented groups in the literary community. For

More about the series:

Sometimes there will be music. Sometimes there will be dancing. Sometimes there will be video. Sometimes there will be swimming. Sometimes there will be surprises. Sometimes there will be raffles. Sometimes there will be fancy food. Sometimes there will be fancy drinks. Sometimes it will rain and you should bring an umbrella. Sometimes it will be chilly and you should bring a blanket. It is called the Fair Weather Reading Series for all of these reasons and more.

Photo Credit: "Young woman with umbrella, Louisiana, 1937" by Dorothea Lange. Here's a short documentary of her work.


Kristen Nelson
Executive Director and Founder
Casa Libre en la Solana

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Please watch this 5 minute video celebrating the first 10 years of Casa Libre's programming and community:

Casa Libre- 10 years and counting on Vimeo.


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3/1 Hannah's Hothouse: A Casa Libre Fundraiser at La Cocina
more info soon...


10/31 The Meat on the Bones: a writing workshop with Lidia Yuknavitch
more info

12/19 Restorative Poetics-Writing Humanity: a writing workshop with Samiya Bashir
more info...

2/20 Surviving As Choose Your Own Adventure Novel-Writing Your Queer/Trans/ People of Color/ Disabled/ Femme Survival Stories: a writing workshop with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
more info...


10/31 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Lidia Yuknavitch & Aisha Sabatini Sloan
more info

11/21 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Roger Bonair-Agard & Logan Phillips
more info

12/19 Fair Weather Reading Series Samiya Bashir & Jen Casale
more info...

1/16 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Joshua Jennifer Espinoza & Hannah Ensor
more info...

2/20 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha & Danielle Cadena Deulen
more info...

3/19 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Teresa Carmody & TC Tolbert
more info...

4/23 Fair Weather Reading Series w/ Selah Saterstrom, Lisa Birman, & Elizabeth Frankie Rollins
more info...

May Fair Weather Reading Series w/Annie Guthrie & TBA
more info soon...

June Fair Weather Reading Series w/Melissa Buzzeo & TBA
more info soon...


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